Bunk Beds for Change! Mission for SEN Inclusion

Beds for Children: Supporting Rural SEN Children in Nepal!


Imagine you are a child needing to share a small wooden bed with 9 other children, in low-socioeconomic conditions, where the likelihood of sickness spreading easily is surrounding you. We are supporting 10 rural Special Needs children in the Tanahun District of Nepal to gain access to a safe and clean educational and living environment. Our mission is to strive for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) to be included in wider society and schools.

Our goal was to raise $1470AUD so we could locally purchase materials and have hygienic bunk beds made to support the health and independence of our rural Special Needs children. Thanks to the help of our international community, WE SUCCEEDED!

Bunk Beds

With these funds, we were also able to support a local community carpenter (we always aim to fully support and empower in the local community) to build these bunk beds specialised for our Special Needs students through the mentorship of Founder Anish Kc from affiliated partner school, SERC School.

These children, who had been deprived of proper support before we decided to help, had limited space to learn, eat and live 24/7 for most of the year. When we first met these children, they all suffered from scabies (if one child gained an illness so did all the rest due to the bed conditions). Due to your support, we have been able to take valuable steps on this journey of supporting these children.

SEN Children

We were able to raise these funds through our powerful fundraising platform, fundmycharitywork.com.

A special dhanyabad (thank-you) to our sponsors, including the incredible Justine Camus from France, Natalie Eydmann from Australia, Santosh Rai from the UK and our In-Village Cultural Carer and Construction Manager Ale Keshar!

Furthermore, dhanyabad (thank-you) to all of our International Ambassadors who have and will soon visit our rural affiliated community to help these children and the other children of this low-socioeconomic environment.

Special Needs Children with Natasha

Breakdown of Cost for ‘Beds for Children- Bunk Beds Campaign’:

120,000 NPR (approx. $1470AUD) for 10 beds (2 X 4 bunk beds & 1 X 2 bunk beds).

Cost Creates and Includes:
– 10 Bunk Beds
~ 2 X 4 bunk beds & 1 X 2 bunk beds
– Ply Wood
– Wood for the main structure
– Transport of goods & Local Labour

* Purchased from Kathmandu and Damauli.

Cost Breakdown:
– 200 NPR per square
– Approx. 600 squares for 10 beds
– 200 x 600 = 120,000 NPR

Bunk Bed Design

Furthermore, we are supporting and empowering these children through our powerful rural Student Leadership Council Program, where we have united the Special Needs Children with the ‘Mainstream’ children and teachers in this rural village school. We have transformed the way the villagers view special needs peoples.

For more information and to get involved, please email us at thehelpnepalappeal@gmail.com

Lok and MeNatasha and Paloma

Construction Projects in the Past:
Though we have moved away from construction as one of our main pillars, in the past we have created Temporary Learning Centres (TLCs) throughout Nepal to provide students with a safe learning environment during the harsh Monsoon Season. Furthermore, we have built Temporary Homes for families and Swing Sets for schools.

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