Education Lunch Program Handover to Feed more Children!

Education Lunch Program Handover to Feed more Children!

When was the last time you ate? Most likely, this would have been within a few hours ago. Imagine, if you hadn’t eaten a proper meal for a few days… with your stomach rumbling and low on energy, imagine you then are told to hike 1.5 hours one way to attend school for the whole day before needing to hike 1.5 hours back home with no meal waiting for you.

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Sadly, this is the reality for some young Nepali children in rural Nepal…

With this truth in mind, in 2016 the incredible Shauna Rose Kaufman Foundation ( started a Lunch Program in rural Kavre. Our hearts were filled with happiness when we partnered with this heartfelt organisation to fund their program, which we now call the ‘Feed the Children’ Education Lunch Program. Within one year, we were able to nourish 70 previously hungry children every school day and raise attendance rates from 40-60% to 80-100% attendance!

With this success, in 2017, we handed over the funding of the Shauna Rose Kaufman Foundation program to a Japanese organisation happy to help these same children. Now, in 2018, we are proud to announce that with the help of many International THNA Ambassadors worldwide who have started to fundraise for our NEW Education Lunch Program, after being inspired by the previous one we sponsored. We are seeking out a new location to help more children in these challenging conditions gain nourishing food and an education.


Dhanyabad (thank-you) to our ‘Feed the Children’ sponsors so far:

– Gregor Whitehead and the Amsterdam Rugby Team (The Netherlands)

– Sabine Konrad (Germany)

– Laura Aulikki (Finland)

– Julie Codimdim and Cristal Quinal (United Arab Emirates)

– Turney School (United Kingdom)

– Lansdowne School (United Kingdom)


Another special dhanyabad (thank-you) also to the Shauna Rose Kaufman Foundation, for their inspiration towards us starting our own powerful Lunch Program. We also are grateful for these beautiful photos, taken by Ram Krishna Shahi, Board Member of the SRKF, who managed this program.


Do you know a low-socioeconomic rural school that may benefit from our ‘Feed the Children’ Education Lunch Program?

Here are our criteria:

1) Rural school
2) Low-socioeconomic
3) Low attendance rates due to under nourishment, no access to sustainable food sources, low finances and cultural aspects (our aim is to bring more students to school).
4) Budget annually is maximum 214,000 NPR for 10 school months to feed approx. 100 students.
5) Community has a group of responsible women who can manage funds for daily school lunches.

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What does it cost to feed starving children and increase attendance rates in school?

1 Month (these are figures from our previous program)
15,000 Nepali Rupees (approx. $180AUS)
15,000 NPR divided by 70 students = 214 NPR per child ($2.60AUS).

As little as $2.60 can feed a child in school for a whole month.
Therefore, in 1 year we need 2571 NPR per child (approx. $31AUS)
As little as $31 can feed a child in school for 1 year.
To feed 70 students for a whole year it costs $2160.



Will you help us feed more disadvantaged and hungry children to help them gain an education?

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