Founder’s Diary- Thoughts from THNA Founder Jody Dontje

Dear diary,

There are moments when you seem to simply fall back into your seat, when you begin to reflect and are filled with overwhelming emotions that bring on images of great success; there are moments where you feel such relief, thankfulness and contentment that you could close your eyes with a smile and feel as though you could sit there with happiness for hours. I feel this sensation right now.

I just returned back to London from spending 4 incredible months in Nepal, following my passion of helping others. Words can barely depict the outstanding growth that The Help Nepal Appeal has experienced.


In these 4 months, just to name a few of the many incredible changes, we have:

– Grown our network of affiliated partners

– Grown our team of passionate national Nepali volunteers

– Helped in various communities in the Kavre, Tanahun, Kaski, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Kathmandu districts

– Had 6 international volunteers join us on this journey

– Established our core value of empowerment, knowing fully now that we want to be different by focusing on bridging gaps in society; making communities, families and individuals independent and not dependent on outsourced help

– Gained more followers and likes on social media, with our Facebook page raising from 1400 likes to an incredible 2600+ likes

– And have launched a new blog, with a YouTube Channel coming soon!


Every day, when I wake up, I am thankful that I have found this avenue of opportunities to help others. To me, there is no greater feeling of happiness than giving happiness and hope to others; making others feel valued and more confident further gives me a sense of validation in the world, I know that I am living a meaningful life.

So upon reflection currently, what were my most memory parts of the last 4 months in Nepal? Well, giving to others ultimately. Besides this element specifically, one of my most treasured memories was sharing my passion on stage at the Birgunj Tedx Talk event (3rd ever Ted Talk event that has occurred in Nepal). I was filled with such encouraging hearing from others that I helped inspire them; this made me further value transparency and being vulnerable as I witnessed my story helping to motivate others. I think I will write about this specific experience in more detail another time in a single diary entry.


For now, I smile with contentment as I think about my wonderfully passionate team that I now have in Nepal.

I will keep supporting Nepal fully from London, focusing here on connecting with more people who share my vision, spreading more awareness of THNA, fundraising to help our non-for-profit programs and hopefully finding a way for me to be more financially stable. All donations and fundraising amounts will ALWAYS go towards the Nepali people in need, so my dream is to find a sponsor for myself to keep focusing on Nepal (as those 4 months of purely focusing completely transformed THNA, making such a difference to others). I am beginning to realise more deeply, that the more support I gain the more I can then help others and the more others will help in society. Though I may not have the answers right now, I have faith that I will somehow gain a way of surviving financially through fulfilling my charity work as Founder of THNA.

Forever, this fire inside to keep helping others and building my The Help Nepal Appeal initiative and platform will continue to grow and prosper. I await the opportunities and challenges of 2017, supporting Nepal from London, and will then return to Nepal next year ready to take the appeal once again to the next level.

I am always grateful for those who have joined this journey of living for others, and who have the same passion to make a positive difference.


Hami aruka lagi bachnuparchha – We should live for others.



Sincerely Jody

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