Since the appeal was established in April 2015, there have been incredible fundraising events. Volunteers from the community, even members busy with family commitments, have stepped out from the crowd to help. These events have included Raffles, Karaoke, Trivia, BBQs, Fundraising Family Dinners, Auctions, Food Events, Movie Events, and more! Host YOUR OWN fundraiser! We will support you, connect with us

Whether you’re seeking to fundraise for your journey to Nepal, or to support our causes with a direct donation, there are many ways to fundraise and spread awareness! We are also here to support you with advice and posting about your efforts on our social media platforms.

Volunteer in your local community (spread awareness, fundraise) by:

  • Hosting a BBQ.
  • Hosting a trivia night at a local venue, or even at home!
  • Selling raffle tickets or hosting your own auction event.
  • Setting up a GoFundMe account.
  • Putting on a garage sale or selling items online (e.g. eBay, Facebook).
  • Using social media or your local newspaper to spread word of your volunteer plans or the work we are doing currently.
  • Arrange for donation tins to be distributed around your area (donation tin covers, information flyers and support/advice will be provided to you by us. Get in contact!
  • Hosting a work party or event, or even selling treats in your workplace.
  • Hosting your own themed event where participants can pay for a ticket and donate money through games, raffles etc. at the event.

You can also fundraise through gaining support:

  • From family, friends and/or businesses (explain to the business that you will advertise their name in Nepal, that we will spread awareness about their support on social media, and/or send them photos of you holding up a sign with their name/logo in Nepal or at an event).
  • Directly from your university (if you are claiming your volunteer days as PLACEMENT, you may be eligible for a university loan or grant. We advise that you CONTACT YOUR UNIVERSITY to see what support options you may have).
  • From organisations by writing a letter to, for example, your local Rotary Club or Youth Group telling them about your project – many organisations are keen to assist volunteers who are using their time to help others.


“No matter ones background or age, every individual is capable of making a positive difference. We seek to turn ideas into reality ” (Jody Dontje, Founder).

Never ran a fundraiser before? Not a problem, we are here to support you! Connect with us,

Join our community and raise funds.

Never ran a fundraiser before? Not a problem, we are are here to support you!


Our Volunteers

“Having such a detailed program helped a lot with what to expect/do each day- Seeing the Nepali students sing, draw and dance was a highlight, they were so passionate and happy- it was beautiful to see them get more comfortable with us as the days went by. [Another highlight was] becoming friends with some amazing Nepali people that were involved in the program. In future it would be great to return to Nepal and see progress and help again.”

Zoe Jones
Zoe JonesVolunteer

“The program was so much fun, and I believe we were able to make a difference for the kids of the bamboo school- The highlights for me would have been teaching the year 5-7 students- The kids were so engaged and were very fun to teach. They responded positively and I believe they really enjoyed our time with them. All the THNA members we had dealings with were awesome- Everyone was helpful, kind and certainly knowledgeable. They went beyond what I expected!


Just a big thank-you to the THNA team! You guys do amazing stuff and I'm so impressed, keep up the great work.”

Francis Robert Biltoft
Francis Robert Biltoft Volunteer

“That was great in Kathmandu! The school was fab [and are] working hard- the classes were so keen to listen. The head asked us back! So we will definitely come over and do [more programs] with you. Drama / English / TELF / any Education / or just assist in kitchen duties / build houses etc. Whatever you want us to arrange is not a problem- Keep up the good work!”

Robert Bruce Mullan and Karen MorrisonVolunteers

When planning my return trip to Nepal in October 2016 I knew I wanted to volunteer and support an organisation aligned to my values of transparency and not for profit, far too many charities use valuable donations for administration costs. I also knew I wanted to work at a grassroots level not for a large organisation, I had seen on my previous trip the positive impact of those who work at this level and not held back by excessively complicated procedures and of course I wanted an organisation that utilised social media as a way to spread the news of the work they did, for me The Help Nepal Appeal and the passion and dedication of Jody (the founder) was absolutely what I was looking for.

So if like me you want to make a difference in some way, whether within your home country fundraising or visiting and volunteering in a country like Nepal I highly recommend the work of The Help Nepal Appeal, having spent 1 month volunteering and supporting them in Nepal I have seen first hand the incredible work they do and urge you to take that first step today, contact them and see how you could help 'truly make a difference'.

Melanie Thomas
Melanie ThomasBusiness Mentor & Volunteer

“The program- gave us a lot of freedom, which we were grateful for. It allowed for us to fit in time for sightseeing as well as building and spending time in the schools. We were so happy to complete the projects we set out to do. [My highlight was] seeing how pleased the schools were with the outcome… The team members were all very helpful when it came to learning cultural differences and navigating our way around Nepal- made us feel very welcome in the community.”

Angela Nicole Hughes
Angela Nicole HughesVolunteer

“The Help Nepal Appeal is a wonderful team based organization founded by Miss Dontje and has been [connected] with various schools and organizations after the massive earthquake in Nepal [in 2015]. [They] work with various positive minded volunteers across the world who are interested and willing to help [those who have] been affected by the Earthquake. The founder of the organization, Miss Dontje, is the most active and influential member of the organization, always trying to put her efforts into helping and coordinating the overall work of the organization, whether or not she is in Nepal. I started working as a Photographer for THNA from last June- it has been a wonderful experience.”

Subir Thapa
Subir ThapaVolunteer