‘Gifts of Change’ – Sponsor Child Sakshyam

Your ‘Gifts of Change’, brought over by Valuable Volunteers Melanie Thomas and Melvin Sjerps in their luggage, has continued to bring happiness to many. This is our beautiful Sponsor Child Sakshyam, with his little sister Shrasta and mother Mina.

Such a strong family, losing Saksyam’s father to stomach cancer over 1 year ago. We seek to continue to empower and support them.

Dhanyabad (thank-you) to all of those who have given to others! If you wish to make a valuable donation by post or sent with volunteers, please email thehelpnepalappeal@gmail.com

Or if you wish to make a donation, know that 100% goes towards people in need, such as Sakshyam and his family: www.thehelpnepalappeal.com/projects

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