Street Child Becomes Second Father

Street Child Becomes Second Father

Imagine being a street child, not gaining an education but collecting rubbish off the streets, with your whole family, just to survive. This is the story of Sunil, who was a street child for many years until he one day showed kindness to a stranger, who changed his life.

Many years ago Sunil saw a foreigner drop his money and belongings, and though out of desperation he could have taken this money in order to eat that night, Sunil picked up the belongings. approached the stranger and returned what was rightfully his. This kind act did not go unnoticed, as this foreigner then walked with Sunil back to his family to speak to them.

This individual, this complete stranger, then turned Sunil’s life, and his family’s, whole life around. In the form of a miracle, Sunil was then sponsored to leave the streets and live in a school to gain an education. Sunil is now the only well educated family member, supporting this whole family, acting like a second father.

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