Natasha Dontje
International Coordinator of the Youth Empowerment Sponsorship (YES) Program

Natasha is the youngest International Member of our team, inspiring all those around her with an infectious passion for empowering children from low-socioeconomic backgrounds. While many other 18 year olds may be planning their next party, Natasha was planning how to empower the youth of Nepal.

Natasha joined The Help Nepal Appeal after completing her High School. Growing up, she had been inspired by her older sister Jody Dontje, who Founded THNA in 2015. Natasha pushed her boundaries and travelled to Nepal for 5 months right after graduating, and found not only her passion for helping others, but found herself in the process.

Natasha loves reading, laughing, nature and the outdoors, and values family and friends. As well as being the International Coordinator of our Youth Empowerment Sponsorship (YES) Program, Natasha plans to study a double degree of a Bachelor of Primary Education and Arts. Natasha is the prime example of youth making a difference for the betterment of others.


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