THNA Official BLOG Launch!

It is with great pleasure that we officially launch our new THNA BLOG! My name is Jody Dontje and I am the Founder and Program Director of The Help Nepal Appeal.


What is The Help Nepal Appeal?

Ultimately, The Help Nepal Appeal is a social platform that brings people from around the world together to bridge the gaps in society, to allow individuals and organisations locally and globally to empower men, women and children in remote parts of Nepal (places that really need the help).


What makes us different?

Our honest and passionate values:


– Empowerment

We empower communities, families and individuals to make them independent and not dependent on our outsourced help. We bridge the gaps in society, whether is it bridging the gap between Special Needs Education and being socially accepted, bridging the gap between a mother who needs work to gaining vocational training, we seek to bridge gaps through empowerment.


– Transparency

Showing how 100% of funds go to helping people in need (100% non-for-profit, there are no administration fees taken from donations).


– Sustainability

Creating sustainable long-lasting programs and providing resources in a sustainable way that links with an empowerment approach.


– Story Telling

We value Social Media, not having a physical building as a platform but a social media platform that utilises global connections, such as through this NEW blog! (Connecting people through online story telling to create powerful social change).


Join our Journey:

~ Facebook:

~ Instagram:

~ Website:


Furthermore, we are excited to share the foci of our blog entries, and how we will share the story of others and our story.


Our THNA Blog will include:

– The Beauty of Nepal

– Stories of Survival

– Volunteer Voice

– Founders Diary

– Updates about THNA


More information about what each of these mean soon! Looking forward to sharing with you all our story, our journey, and enabling the voice of others to be shared with the world.



Sincerely Jody Dontje

(Founder and Program Director of THNA).

  • Anja Posted 9th February 2017 8:41 am

    I really love to follow and share you.
    I am from Holland.

    • Jody Dontje Posted 10th February 2017 9:51 pm

      Namaste Anja!

      Taipali costa chha? How are you?

      We are very appreciative of your comment and your encouraging words.

      We have sent you an email. Keep in touch!

      Take care,
      Sincerely THNA Team

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